Monday, June 20, 2011

Stones in Lovely Places


attracted to deliberate form
where intent is clear and pleasant
even if not understood


closer I walk to lovely form
looking for clues
an architect’s voice
meaning evades my mind


words constructed heightwise
hung with hooks and bait
they lure, but not for hurt
rocks of pleasure
drawing closer



a rocky way
solid as rock
I crave a lacking verb
regret a vulgar nit


stones appeal
in how they’re placed
just by watching
I’m walking closer

see the arches
see the beams
how they please
how unlike words misguided
revolting to a reader
the devil’s garden
from which they came
and where they go


  1. Love the creative random forms of nature here, such mystery and even eroticism of form, not circling the square, or squaring the circle but encompassing an obscure heart, inspiring connection, construction, and interaction of strange and complex rock creatures across miles and centuries in simple creative acts of beauty. The blue of your blog page not as blue as this magnificent sky but your words are skywriting across the miles... or maybe transcribed from rock paintings? Maybe they are what you muttered to the rocks as you walked through this red rock world...

  2. T read and look and am overwhelmed. I love your sense of adventure as well as the beauty of it all. And I feel nostalgic for some of the things I have seen too and would like to see again.

  3. AnonymousJune 21, 2011

    Rock Arches

    Some of these rock arches
    are blue sky, some necks
    of birds, shoulders of gods.
    Sandstone group shadows
    wind sunlight; black lumps
    of air heap up on the path.

    Russell Salamon
    June 20, 2011

  4. And these rocks definitely speak, enhanced by but not needful of the words of the poets

  5. Yes, Kathabela they seem random, but I wonder. The forces that hold them up do not include tension. Compression is all that rock knows, except for small pulling in the calcium carbonate that glues the sand together. Oh I know the geologists' tales, but I wonder.

    Mina, I too am overwhelmed. It's jaw-drop every new arch or funny rock I come upon.

    Russell, I love how you don't take things, even rocks, for granted. They, to you, are more than mere--they speak of other things.