Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dead Horse Point


 High above the Colorado River, Dead Horse Point (left picture) feels like the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  One difference is that on the edge of this mesa, one small step for man becomes one giant leap all the way to the river, two thousand feet below.  I walked several miles along the edge of eternity today and regretfully admit that acrophobia (irrational fear of height) is worse now than when I was younger.  

This goes against my preached philosophy that risk is less now because I have fewer years to lose.  I told myself to go closer to the edge because it’s the right thing to do.  My self did not comply.  Am I really so much animal that I cannot decide to change?  Perhaps by the end of this discourse you will see how I came to deal with dichotomy.


A penguin proud and pertly dressed has it all figured out.  No inner stress with him, no two ways about it.  


Old Man River, like a lot of folks, doesn’t think about it, but just keeps rolling along.

Delicate, fragile, stunning, just being, beauty without a brain, acting in all ways natural.

Can it be so hard to see, standing right in front, or is a saltbush blocking the view?

Are these the writings of intelligence, or are they like the arches?

Yes, I am listening.  I told you I’m listening.  Can it be there’s nothing to hear.



  1. Steven RadiceJune 22, 2011

    Am I getting dehydrated? I think I'm seeing angels in the sky!

  2. Hee hee! I love this!!! I am dancing with you on the edge!! That photo you found ... I think it was really at an "Elvis Party" hosted by two angels. Do you remember this "definition" I wrote... from my blog of a few years back? "As a poet/artist always dances precariously at the edge of the the mysterious universe, so science inspires and gives footing to a stance that is taken in wonder." Dancing along the edge with you (virtually), from Japan, love Kathabela

  3. Yes Steven, dehydration can do that--bring on those wiggly waves on the desert we call mirage—it will pass.

    Kathabela, I have been on the desert so long that even my camera has started seeing strange sights. You clearly have no fear of heights—pictures don’t lie.

  4. Ha ha I love your cliff hanging ending. What a crack up! Is this what they mean when they say "dancing with the stars?"

    By the way, the stone writings also have two very wonderful ancient faces in them -- upper right.


  5. Yes Lois, we must dance on the edge at night when stars can join us.

    I see the two faces in the stone. With many Indian writings on rock around here, I thought it interesting that this one looks somewhat like them.

  6. Susan RogersJune 28, 2011

    I see the faces too. But do they see us? Hmmmm.
    I never knew you could leap so beautifully over canyons, Sharon. You never cease to amaze me.