Thursday, May 26, 2011

In the Beginning was Rock

I will drive to Moab, Utah, on June 7 and stay until about July 1, exploring on foot most of the trails and some non-trails in a reported wonderland of rocks and canyons.  I hope to see the shadow-paintings at sunrise and sunset, and to hike at noontime among the chipping-grounds and pictographs of the Anasazi.

I was inspired to do this back in 2007 when, while riding a bicycle solo across America, I passed through southern Utah.  These  pictures are from that travel, placed in order east to west.  This time I will delve into canyons and ascend mesas, where then I sojourned in what now seems a fast wind.

Fifty miles south of Moab

Fifty miles south of Moab

Several miles west of Colorado River, forty miles southwest of Moab

Capitol Reef National Park, pictographs of the Anasazi, seventy miles west of Moab

Eight miles west of  Boulder, Utah, one hundred miles west of Moab

Bryce Canyon, 160 miles west of Moab